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3rd Edition of Transesophageal Echocardiography Multimedia Manual Illustration

Project type

Aorta Organ Illustration


January 11th - February 1st 2023


London, Ontario | Western University


Dr. Ivan Iglesias | Western University Anesthesiologist

Programs Used

Adobe Photoshop

This project was commissioned by Dr. Ivan Iglesias, a highly esteemed anesthesiologist from Western University in London, Ontario. Dr. Iglesias, who is currently authoring a medical book on the aorta organ, required a specific illustration to accompany the text. The illustration commenced on January 11th and was completed on February 1st, 2023.

To meet Dr. Ivan's requirements, he provided detailed specifications for the illustration. Furthermore, he requested the final artwork to be delivered in multiple file formats such as PNG, JPEG, and TIFF. I utilized a combination of Procreate and Adobe Photoshop during the creation process to achieve the desired result.

The illustration aimed for a semi-realistic depiction, ensuring accuracy and clarity in presenting the intricacies of the aorta organ for the medical book. This project showcases my ability to translate complex medical concepts into visually engaging and informative illustrations.

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