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Mind Over Sports Logo Design

Project type

Logo Design


February 10th - March 1st 2023


London, Ontario, Canada

Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator

Mind Over Sports Social Media


Warren Nye

I worked on a freelance project for Coach Nye, a renowned sports coach based in London, Ontario. As an experienced coach, Coach Nye sought to update his branding logo, and he engaged my services for its design. To begin the design process, thorough research was conducted to understand Coach Nye's business focus, which revolves around inspiring and motivating young sports enthusiasts to achieve their goals. Based on this insight, a colour palette was developed on Coach Nye's existing branding, primarily consisting of blue, white, and black.

The project comprised two main stages. Firstly, several thumbnail designs were presented witha more contemporary look and feel. During a meeting with Coach Nye, I showcased these designs, and together we selected three options that resonated most with him. Subsequently, I proceeded to create semi-comprehensive designs of the chosen options, incorporating his branding colours, which mainly consisted of various shades of blue and white. Once completed, I shared the semi-comps with Coach Nye for his feedback and supervision. Eventually, he selected one design that best suited his business vision, as it exuded a sporty aesthetic and aligned with his personal preferences.

The design process for this project spanned one month, from February to March 2023, and it stands as one of my most recent and noteworthy accomplishments this year.

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