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Opal Building Layout & Web Design

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Web Design | UX & UI




London, Ontario

Opal Building Web Design

Front End Dev & Graphic Designer

This design owes its realization to the expertise of Sly Fox Marketing & Web Design. As one of the front-end developers, I was entrusted with the task of designing the comprehensive layout, including both the landing page and internal pages, utilizing Figma. Subsequently, I brought this design to life by implementing it in Elementor/WordPress. The final design now belongs to our esteemed client, Opal Building.

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Slyfox Web Design & Marketing
Opal Building

My primary task encompassed designing a website that resonated with Opal Building's unique brand identity. This entailed meticulously crafting the layout and constructing not only the landing page but also all internal pages. Opal Building, a prominent local building business based in London, Ontario, entrusted Sly Fox with the task of redesigning their digital presence. Collaborating closely with the Sly Fox team, we optimized the page and introduced additional features to elevate its functionality and overall appeal.

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