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Achievements and Experience

Illustrator | Medical
Book Illustration

February 10/ 2023 - 13/2023

This project was a collaboration for a medical research book on the Aorta Organ. The goal of the project was to create an illustration of the Aorta Organ as a medical anatomy example for the book, using the Procreate software. The illustration aims to assist in medical research and provide a visual aid for understanding the Aorta Organ's structure and function within the circulatory system.

Fanshawe College | 
Graphic Design Advanced Diploma 

January 2019 - November 2022

I completed a 3-year program in Graphic Design and earned an Advanced Diploma in Design. I graduated from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario in November 2022.

Sales Associate | 
Hudson's Bay

October 2018 - Present

I have been working as a sales associate since 2019, and I am still currently employed in this role. My core values are to assist customers with the best attitude possible, complete transactions, and help customers with the application process for the Hudson's Bay Neo Mastercard.

Graphic Designer | 
Arepa Ink Restaurant Banner

August 2018 - September 2018

  • I had a contract with a new Venezuelan restaurant named 'Arepa Ink' to create visual content that would promote the restaurant's background and specialties.

  • As part of the project, I designed the main banner for the restaurant. The client requested that I include substantial information about the food's origin and showcase pictures of their dishes in a creative and visually appealing manner to capture people's attention.

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